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Golden Visa, Portugal

Golden Visa, Portugal

Portugal golden visa is a golden selection for those who want to have a foreign citizenship. Besides the living and travel benefits almost all around the world, you would get residency within 6 months. For the first year, you need to stay for seven days and after that every year for a small tenure of fourteen days only. The benefit is not only for those seeking the residency primarily for business purposes, but for those who want to stay mostly in Pakistan yet hold another residency and/or citizenship pf another country. The fruits of both countries and opportunities of both as well simultaneously.

The magnetic attraction is of the perks that are enjoyed by all dependent/s included but not limited to spouse of residency and later on of citizenship. The story does not end here rather it only starts as your future children will get Portuguese citizenship automatically along with perks and much more.  A whole new vista of opportunity opens for you and your family. Come let’s discover together the endless opportunities the world offers for you. Portuguese Law enable non-EU citizens to apply for a Portuguese Residence Permit by virtue of Law 29/2012 and Order number 11820-A/2012.

About The Programme

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence visa issued to non-EU nationals who have made a significant investment in Portugal, such as purchasing real estate, making a capital investment, or creating employment opportunities.

Its is a fast-track process for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in an EU country – via the Golden Visa, you can become eligible for Portuguese citizenship in as little as five years.  


  1. Travel visa free to 186 countries
  2. Third most powerful passport
  3. Right to live, work and invest in 27 European Union Countries
  4. Right of the family members to live with the holder of the permit
  5. Right to live, work and study in 26 Schengen Countries
  6. Obtain citizenship at the end of residency permit
  7. Rich culture and a high quality of life
  8. Lucrative business and investment opportunities
  9. Outreach to the most influential industry and tap a zillion opportunity
  10. No Language barrier
  11. Get residence permit within 6 months
  12. Low physical presence requirement
  13. Excellent international and Portuguese schools and universities
  14. Visa-free travel to 184 countries including the USA
  15. International quality healthcare clinics and hospitals
  16. Minimum residency requirements
  17. Your future children automatically receive Portuguese citizenship
  18. Residency granted within 180 days


Apart from being a living and work friendly country, Portugal is one of the most exotic and beautiful places of the world. It has the third most powerful passport in the world and gives one an opportunity to travel visa free to more than 186 countries. Besides the rich culture and people friendly environment it is not unusual to find the most lucrative business prospects and investment diversifications. It is the industrial hub and would manage to be so in the coming future. It gives the right to live, work and study in 26 Schengen countries along with work and invest in 27 EU countries.

Dual Citizenship

Portugal has no restrictions on dual citizenship 


There is no income tax liability for Golden Visa applicants unless they decide to move to Portugal and register the country as their main place of residency. Those who do decide to become tax residents in Portugal, can apply for the Non-Habitual Residents (NHR) regime, which offers several exemptions and other income tax benefits during the first ten years of residence.


  1. No income or capital gains tax 
  2. Great returns on investment
  3. World-class education & healthcare facilities 
  4. Families are also eligible 
  5. Extremely family-friendly country 
  6. Eligibility to apply for citizenship after 5 years
  7. Invest €280,000 in Regional Areas
  8. Invest €500,000 in real estate
  9. Create 5 jobs in Portugal


In order to get citizenship, all you need is to have residency status for five years through a path made easy for you by Trek Law and its competent legal team who will take you on this journey step by step and provide best legal assistance to make it most fruitful for you and your family.  All you need is to get in touch and the rest will be made easy with a team of highly professional yet friendly legal officers. 


  1. Applicant must be 18 years old
  2. Do not have any criminal record
  3. Commit to maintain the investment for at least 5 years.


– Minimum investment of at least 280, 000

– Clean Bill of health

– No criminal record

Eligible Family Members

– Your spouse

– Children under the age of 18

– Dependent children up to age 26

– Parents, over the age of 65


It is with great pride and honesty that Trek Law declares that we have JVs signed with the most relevant professional and legal firms in Portuguese to make it a life time experience for you and your family. You are in good hands and we make sure of that through looking after your paper work, projection, reputation and efficiency on our teams end and on our partner’s side. You will be surely assisted by the most proficient and brilliant people. Keeping in mind the fast pace of the ever-changing world you have an option of three types of Residency-investment.

  1. Purchase of property – Real estate equal to or above €500,000
  2. Purchase of Units in investment funds/ capital funds– €500,000
  3. Job creation; create at least ten employment positions within Portugal

Investment Options

To be eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal, you must make one of the following investments:

  1. Purchase a property worth at least 500,000. If you purchase in a low-density area, the investment amount is 400,000.
  2. Invest 350,000 in a property in a Portuguese urban regeneration area. If you invest in a low-density area, the investment amount is 280,000. The project should qualify for investment by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service – SEF.

Investment Options

To be eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal, you must make one of the following investments:

  1. Invest at least 350,000 in a qualifying Investment fund. The investment options are regulated by the Portuguese CMVM (Securities Market Commission) and usually include venture capital investment in real estate or start-up tech companies.
  2. Make a capital transfer of at least 1 million in a Portuguese bank account.
  3. Purchase company shares worth at least €1 million.
  4. Invest at least €1 million in a company.

A basic simple procedure can get you through

Tenure Procedure
Months 1-6
Submit application and secure investment.
Year 1
Golden Visa Program permit issued for one year
Year 2
Golden Visa Program permit renewed for two years
Year 3
Golden Visa Program permit renewed for two years
Year 5
Golden Visa Program permit renewed. Applications for Portuguese Citizenship may be made

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