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Austria Job Seeker Visa

To apply for the Job Seeker Visa, you have to submit the following documents:

⦁ Valid travel document (e.g. passport) Birth certificate or similar document
⦁ Photo (dimensions: 45x35mm) which is not older than six months
⦁ Proof of locally customary accommodation (e.g. lease contracts, preliminary agreement on tenancy rights or ownership evidence)
⦁ Proof of health insurance covering all risks (compulsory health insurance or equivalent insurance policy)
⦁ Proof of adequate means of subsistence (pay slips, pay certificates, employment contracts, insurance benefit certificates, evidence of retirement or other pension or insurance benefits, investment capital or sufficient own assets

You have to submit the following documents for examination of the individual criteria under the points system

1. Special qualifications and skills

⦁ Graduation ⦁ Document furnishing proof of successful completion of a four-year program at a university or another institution of tertiary education ⦁ Document reflecting the status of the university or other institution of tertiary education ⦁ Document furnishing proof of successful completion of a Program in a MINT subject (= mathematics, informatics, natural sciences, technology) ⦁ Document furnishing proof of habilitation ⦁ Gross annual salary in a senior management position ⦁ Tax assessment notice or pay certificate ⦁ Confirmation by the previous employer that you worked in a senior management position ⦁ Proof that the company is listed on the stock exchange or positive report from the competent Austrian foreign trade office about its activities or business segment ⦁ Research and innovation activities ⦁ Proof of scientific publications, stating titles and sources ⦁ Certificate issued by a university or research institution that you worked in R&D or academic scientific teaching ⦁ Proof of patent application(s) through extracts from national or regional patent registers ⦁ Recognized awards and prizes ⦁ Document proving the conferral of the award or prize

2. Work experience

⦁ Testimonials and work certificates

3. Language skills

⦁ Language diploma or language course certificate at the A1 or A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
German language diplomas and certificates may in particular be obtained from the following institutions: ÖSD, Goethe-Institute, Telc GmbH, Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)
The following diplomas and certificates in particular are recognized as evidence of proficiency in English: Cambridge Certificate, TELC, IELTS diploma, TOEIC diploma, TOEFL diploma.

4. Studies in Austria

⦁ Course record book and related examination certificates
⦁ Document reflecting the successful completion of a program of studies in Austria

Why Austria

The following are the reasons that summarize the advantages of getting the resident permit in Austria:

⦁ Top international competitor
⦁ Beautiful place to live in Europe
⦁ Great standard of living
⦁ A strong economy and job market
⦁ In need of skilled people
⦁ Low unemployment rate
⦁ Stable Government
⦁ Short process time
⦁ Low investment

Eligibility criteria for very highly qualified persons Points
Special qualifications and skills
Maximum allowable points: 40
Graduation from an institution of higher education, minimum duration of program: four years
- In the subjects mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology (MINT subjects)
- Post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) or PhD
Gross salary of previous year earned in a senior management position with a company listed on the stock exchange or a company for which the Austrian foreign trade office in charge issued a positive report about its activities or business segment:

- €50,000 to 60,000
- €60,000 to 70,000
- More than €70,000
Research and innovation activities
(Patent applications, publications)
Awards (recognized prizes)
Work experience (adequately reflecting applicant’s qualification or senior management position)
Maximum allowable points: 20
Work experience (per year)
Six months of work experience in Austria
Language skills
Maximum allowable points: 10
German or English language skills for the elementary use of the language on a basic level – (A1 level)
German or English language skills for the intensified elementary use of the language – (A2 level)
Maximum allowable points: 20
Up to 35 years of age

Up to 40 years of age

up to 45 years of age


Studies in Austria
Maximum allowable points: 10
Second part of diploma program (Diplomstudium) or half of the required total ECTS points
Completed diploma program (Diplomstudium)
Or Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program
Sum total of maximum allowable points:
Required minimum:

The Austria job seeker visa is a point-based selection, and the applicant must get at least 70 out of 100 points on various sections like age, work experience, qualifications, language skills, pay scale, adaptability, and Education from Austria.

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